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Corruption: Busiki MP Akamba 'kidnapped' after securing bail

Paul Akamba (L) is accused alongside Cissy Namujju (C) and Yusuf Mutembuli

Paul Akamba (L) is accused alongside Cissy Namujju (C) and Yusuf Mutembuli

A scuffle ensued on Friday as Busiki MP Paul Akamba was rearrested at Anti-Corruption court premises shortly after securing bail on corruption charges.

Akamba was earlier granted a cash bail of Shs 13 million by chief magistrate Joan Aciro, who also ordered him to deposit his passport with the court. However, shortly after fulfilling the bail conditions, plainclothed armed personnel kidnapped as he exited the court premises, flanked by his supporters who screamed for his freedom.

During the scuffle, some individuals were kicked and battered as they tried to obstruct the MP's rearrest. Several pistols were seen falling in the middle of the road as armed personnel whisked Akamba away into a waiting Noah vehicle and another speeding vehicle branded with a Joint Anti-Terrorism Taskforce (JATT) logo.

Before Akamba’s rearrest, armed personnel were seen within court premises taking pictures and interacting with ordinary people who were attending the court session. A prison warden asked one of the personnel to identify himself since he did not have a press tag.      

The armed man wearing sneakers, blue jeans and brownish t-shirt, and a cape pulled out his card showing Special Forces Command (SFC), and he was permitted to continue taking pictures. Akamba is not the only accused person to bail only to get rearrested immediately within court premises.   

The judiciary has in the past condemned this act, describing it as one that not only is unconstitutional but also amounts to interference with the powers of the courts. Akamba is jointly charged with Cissy Namujju, Lwengo District Woman MP, and Bunyole West MP Yusuf Mutembuli.

Both Namujju and Mutembuli were earlier denied bail due to a lack of substantial sureties. The prosecution alleges that Mutembuli, Akamba, and Namujju solicited an undue advantage of 20 per cent of the anticipated budget of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) for financial year 2024/2025 from Mariam Wangadya, chairperson of UHRC on May 13, 2024, at Hotel Africana in Kampala. 

This was reportedly done by claiming they could exert improper influence over the decision-making of the parliament's budget committee to increase the UHRC budget in exchange for the said undue advantage. Trouble for the accused began last week after President Yoweri Museveni in his State of the Nation Address, disclosed that he had overwhelming evidence of corruption among public officials.

Museveni claimed that MPs allegedly collude with accounting officers at ministry of Finance and Bank of Uganda to allocate public resources in exchange for kickbacks (bribes) and vowed to take action against them. Museveni revealed that the evidence confirmed long-standing rumours of corruption within the government, particularly during the annual appropriation of taxpayers' money. 

He suggested the possibility of granting amnesty to corrupt MPs, but the majority of legislators interrupted and demanded for 'blood'.


0 #1 kambarage 2024-06-15 19:20
So who reported them? Is it Wangadya? And if it is not her, would she not be questioned?

But it is interesting how 3 individuals can want to consume such a huge chunk of an institutional budget. This is not greed but sickness..
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0 #2 Marc Mae 2024-06-15 21:09
Self staged kidnap my foot and for what reason to share the goodies perhaps. What drama
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+1 #3 apollo 2024-06-15 23:07
Truth be told, it is a bad case at law; and dead on arrival. However, the politics of it is good. NRM is dealing with an existential threat.

Its ideology and practice is not against corruption as long as the stolen amounts are invested back home in Uganda. The problem is that Hon. Kyagulanyi took a moral high ground and dissociated himself and NUP by extension from the ill gotten gains of corruption.

It is little wonder that Hon. Mpuuga's greatest support came from NRM leaders at all levels. Having failed to cajole and make Hon. Kyagulanyi change his mind, and knowing that the population has resonated with the actions of the leadership at NUP, the NRM top leadership is in panic.

Now the dramatics aimed to demonstrate and give a 'good show' of the 'political will' to fight corruption. These are interesting times.
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+3 #4 Uhuru 2024-06-16 09:56
I hate corrupt guys with passion and believe these MPs should be imprisoned for a long-long time. BUT arresting someone who has been granted bail is stupid!

Why should plain-cloth people arrest anyone? It means criminals with guns can arrest anyone and people will think they are government agents. This is embarrassing! What morons do we have in charge of security in Uganda?

I heard one of the relatives of the MP saying the arrest is similar to Amin's time! How stupid he is? Amin's excesses can never come anywhere near these barbaric arrests.
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0 #5 Paul Mayende 2024-06-16 15:02
So has the current budget been 'sanitised' off these collusions or we have still accepted it with the alleged vulgarisation from the 'alleged corrupt' legislators?

Is this alleged budget interference the reason why our budget keeps escalating without any tangible evidence?

Does this interference also account for the several supplementary budget requests, some even less than a month to the end of the financial year?
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0 #6 Lakwena 2024-06-17 09:52
In other words, under the current gun-rule leadership of our Problem of Africa", which tourist and or visiting foreigner in his/her right state mind, can still deny that Uganda is a very dangerous country to be and/or live in?

In other words, in a crowded court premises; some people could have got killed and/or seriously injured in such a fracas involving so many AK47 rifles and handgun wielding thugs.

And if the Police and the UPDF denied deploying these thugs whose thugs are they?
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0 #7 Munywi jFrancis Fred 2024-06-17 15:15
[quote name="Uhuru"]I hate corrupt guys with passion and believe these MPs should be imprisoned for a long-long time.

These thieves, by stealing the trillions of money using the cunning tactics they have been using, are condemning the rest of destitute Ugandans to death literally.

The hospitals meant to be built wont be built, medicines meant to be bought to treat Ugandans wont be bought, roads meant to be constructed to standard wont be constructed, etc...

So such malicious thieves should be relieved of their posts if Uganda's collapse is to be stopped. Short of that no fool should come up to complain of difficult economic times !
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0 #8 Munywi jFrancis Fred 2024-06-17 15:30
At this rate Ugandan thieves ( the corrupt men and women) will soon start to steal even when they are dead. I mean post - humously..!
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