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Bomb blast kills boy, injures another in Ngora

FILE: Other bombs were reportedly recovered from Obwin's house

FILE: Other bombs were reportedly recovered from Obwin's house

A 14-year-old student of Kopege primary school, John Bosco Okello has been killed in a bomb blast in Ngora district, northern Uganda.

The same Wednesday blast also injured Sam Esimu, 14, who has been admitted to Ngora Fres Carr hospital. Police preliminary findings show that the blast occurred in the house of a veteran soldier identified as John Obwin.

The findings also indicate that the bombs had been kept by Obwin in his house for some time, according to the East Kyoga acting regional police spokesman, Edison Ebukulem. Ebukulem notes that other suspected bombs were found dumped behind one of the Obwin's houses after the blast. 

"The body of the deceased was conveyed to Ngora health centre IV for postmortem. Obwin, the retired UPDF officer who is the suspect to this effect is on the run and no arrests yet have been made," Ebukulem said.

"We therefore wish to inform the public out there to remain calm and vigilant as well as give police all the necessary information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect one Obwin John," he added.

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