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The spoilt brats of Hollywood

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s reputation took a hit a few days ago. The part-time WWE star is supposedly the hardest-working actor in Hollywood, and you can see why that claim persists.

The superstar usually juggles more projects in a year than some A-list actors complete in a decade. That does not include his daily three-four-hour gym routine. According to Men’s Health, The Rock’s traveling gym has a whopping 40,000 pounds of workout equipment. He employs a sizable crew that transports and assembles his mobile gym wherever his acting projects take him.

In case you forgot about the public spat between Dwayne and Vin Diesel, Dwayne was apparently appalled by Vin’s poor work ethic. The Rock goes as far as to pee in water bottles while on set because running to the toilet wastes too much time.

So, imagine everyone’s surprise when a report accused The Rock of costing Amazon’s upcoming film Red One $50m because of his constant tardiness. Supposedly, The Rock is chronically late to film shoots, sometimes making an appearance eight hours after his scheduled time and forcing the crew to film around his scenes.

His behavior made projects like Ballers and Red Notice a nightmare, with some industry experts blaming The Rock’s late arrival for his eventual conflict with Ryan Reynolds. The two were not on speaking terms for years after shooting Red Notice.

To be fair, The Rock’s accusers admit that he’s every bit as nice and charismatic as he appears, although they don’t agree with his habit of peeing in water bottles and asking his assistants to dispose of them.

Well, Hollywood actors are a privileged bunch and privilege encourages mischief. Consider some of the scandals that have rocked the biggest and brightest stars in the business.

Armie Hammer was pretty much unstoppable after starring in the likes of Call Me By Your Name and The Man From UNCLE. Then multiple women accused him of sexual and emotional abuse. There were also cannibalism allegations after Armie told a woman he wanted to remove, cook, and eat one of her ribs.

The allegations against Louis C.K. have been greatly exaggerated. Most people think he’s a sexual predator/rapist, which could not be further from the truth. He masturbated in front of his female colleagues, which definitely counts as sexual harassment.

However, Louis’s situation is murky because he asked the women in question for permission before pulling his genitals out and doing the deed. They argue that they felt compelled to say yes because he was their boss. Either way, his career plummeted when these allegations came to light.

If you watched That 70’s Show starring Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, you might be surprised to learn that Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde on the show) has been deflecting accusations of sexual assault and harassment for years.

The public may have ignored Masterton’s case if not for reports of the underhanded actions the Church of Scientology took to silence his victims. One victim accused the Church of killing her dog, using her name to solicit sex on social media, and filming her illegally.

Their antics kept Masterton out of prison for twenty years. But the law finally caught up with him a few months ago; he was sentenced to decades of prison time.

Jussie Smollett is probably the most notorious of the bunch. The outspoken gay actor faked a homophobic attack to win public sympathy and raise his profile in Hollywood. He blamed Trump supporters for pouring bleach on him and placing a noose around his neck. Days later, the public learned that he had paid two Nigerian brothers to stage the attack.

None of this justifies Dwayne Johnson’s actions, though. Nonetheless, it frames them in a new light. Considering the extent to which many celebrities typically misbehave, The Rock is a saint.


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